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Media relations

Global Communication Partner media relations services inform and/or   manage interactions and relationships with members of the media, including journalists, reporters, editors, and other professionals in the field of journalism.  

Our services establish positive and mutually beneficial relationships with the media to enhance your public image, reputation, and visibility.  

Key media relations components include: 

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Media Outreach

Proactively reaching out to members of the media to pitch stories, share news releases, and offer expert commentary to secure coverage. 

Media Monitoring

Continuously tracking media coverage to gauge how an organization or individual is being portrayed in the media using media monitoring tools and services. 

Crisis Communication

Providing guidance and support in managing communication during crises or challenging situations that may attract media attention. 

Story Development

Collaborating with journalists to develop story ideas and angles that align with the organization's goals and expertise while remaining relevant to the media's audience.

Media Events

Organizing press conferences, media briefings, or other events to announce significant news or engage with the media directly.

Content Creation

Developing media kits, fact sheets, backgrounders, and other informational materials to assist journalists in their reporting. 

Press Release Writing

Crafting compelling press releases that communicate important news or updates to the media. 

Media Training

Preparing spokespersons or executives for interviews and media appearances to ensure appropriate conveying of messages and handling of challenging questions.

Relationship Building

Cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with key journalists and media outlets. 

Media Pitches

Crafting persuasive pitches to present story ideas or expert sources to journalists. 

Response to Inquiries

Promptly responding to media inquiries and providing journalists with the information they need to cover a story accurately.

Media Analysis

Analyzing media coverage and its impact on an organization's reputation and goals. This can involve assessing the tone of coverage, message penetration, and media reach.

Social Media Integration

Integrating media relations efforts with social media strategies to extend the reach of media coverage and engage with audiences directly.

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