Facebook’s was a ‘Perfect Storm’, but the Signs of ‘Algorithm Fatigue’ were Evident Long Ago

The issue of users’ private records being passed to third parties is not limited to the social media platform; it’s fundamental to the nature of how we currently see the Web Yesterday’s news that Facebook had effectively handed over data from 87 million subscribers to a third party (GSR)1which subsequently sold to Cambridge Analytica, and not the 30 million figure originally cited by the latter did little to change the overall narrative. Twenty million…100 million…the scale is incomprehensible to most of us, particularly when considering the level of personal data retained; bank details, phone numbers, audio conversations, ‘likes’, ‘pokes’, even private conversations. The fact that Facebook


The demands on effective and differentiating communication are changing for it to have an impact in this age of fast-paced changes taking place in today’s society and media landscape. Established standard approaches no longer fit the bill. The increasing complexity of our brave new communications world has made it much more difficult to grab people’s attention and rendered boilerplate solutions practically ineffective. Instead, brands and companies these days need to maintain a constant exchange within their broad stakeholder networks, and be keenly aware that every contact made – be it online or offline – can potentially impact their reputation in a positive or negative manner. As a result,

How to influence people with “neurocomms”

neuroscience secrets for persuasive communications According to a quick Google search, ‘persuasion’ is a form of social influence and often refers to an active attempt to change a person’s attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours. As a Director of a strategic communications consultancy, Lansons, it’s my job to help organisations to persuade: persuade consumers to buy a brand’s service or products; persuade employees to change their ways of working; or persuade stakeholders to think differently. So, it’s incumbent to be equipped with all the tools and hacks that are out there to make sure a message gets heard, and acted upon, by the right people. That’s why in this opinion post, I’ll be outlining ke

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