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Global Communication Partners 2018 AGM

This year’s annual meeting of partners took place from March 21 – 22 in the glamourous city of Dubai, hosted by our leading Middle Eastern PR firm, Borouj Consulting. Arriving by air, land and sea, from all corners of the globe, the annual gathering brought together 16 leading, independent public relations consultancies to share experiences, debate ideas and learn from each other’s successes. The agenda included talks from leading financial experts and startups giving members a first-hand look into the financial scene in Dubai, as well as an introduction to our newest member Klareco who hails from Singapore and covers much of South East Asia from this regional hub. But the hottest topic by far was fintech and cryptocurrency as members debated the pros and cons of the benefits of this new sector, and the impact that the Facebook issue will have on the communication industry and what it means for clients.

Hosted by Belgium’s leading independent firm, Interel, the next meeting in 2019 is scheduled to take place in Brussels, where the Brexit agenda is going to take centre stage.

Learn more online at member agency blogs and websites about how we are working alongside clients in meeting their global communication challenges.

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