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Attracting the best of the best

As strategic financial communication specialists, GCP member agencies have added several outstanding professionals in the field of financial communication this year. They are:

  • Charles Barker appoints senior equity analyst Peter Steiner from German private bank Bankhaus Lampe as an Executive Director. Mr Steiner will support the Charles Barker team in working with listed companies as well as activist investors.

  • Farner appointed Michel Grunder as new Head of Public Affairs.

  • Honner expanded its offering to include marketing consulting services and has appointed veteran financial marketer Craig Morris as Head of Marketing Solutions.

  • Twister has appointed Silvio Sircana, former deputy spokesman of Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi as Senior Adviser.

  • Klareco hired IR Specialist Amanda Chua who joined the team in August 2018.

Learn more about how our member firms can help clients with financial communication in your respective markets.

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