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Reputation Management with Lansons

Organisations with the best reputation outperform rivals in a myriad of tangible ways, from recruiting higher quality staff, to succeeding with smaller marketing budgets, to exerting greater influence over Governments.

In the long term of course, reputation can only be based on reality and behaviour. The only way to be seen as a great company is to be a great company. The only way to be trusted, is to be trustworthy. But in the short-term, unfairness is around us. There are great companies that are underestimated and there are organisations and people building unfair advantage. That’s because some manage it better than others.

We believe that reputation management is the future incarnation of corporate communications and public relations. Tony Langham, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Lansons says:

“Reputation management is the conscious, holistic, integrated, planned, thought through, dynamic, agile and continuous process of managing reputation. It relies on commitment from the top of an organisation and must involve: measurement and analysis; a plan – and coordinated actions to deliver the plan. It involves what organisations do, how they behave and how they communicate.”

In the future, we believe that all leading organisations will manage their reputation in this way.

All of our consultants approach their work from this perspective, whether clients work with us in one area, such as strategic communications or on a more holistic basis. Organisations that have worked with us on a more holistic basis include The Co-operative Bank, Invesco and Isle of Man Government.

The Reputation Management Podcast

Listen to Lansons’ podcast where we explore exactly what reputation management is, the forces shaping it and the future for companies as they embrace it.

Click here to view the podcast on the Lanson's website.

Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations

The upcoming book written by Tony, out on 10 December, features specially commissioned essays as well as exclusive interviews with leading CEOs, influencers and celebrities. The book covers issues as diverse as fake news, AI, James Bond, cyber security and internet bullying. Also included are contributions from thirty-nine of the world’s leading reputation managers who exclusively reveal the time they made the most difference to an organisation’s reputation.

The book provides a complete blueprint and toolkit for reputation management and is essential reading for CEOs, Board Directors and shareholders in businesses who ultimately bear the responsibility and costs. It will also prove indispensable to all professionals and students working in or studying business, marketing, corporate communications and public relations.

You can read more about it by clicking here.

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