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  • Carol Park

Hugo Real joins CV&A

Hugo Real has just joined CV&A's team as deputy director for the institutional and financial communications area.

Hugo Real dedicated until now his career to journalism. He has been assuming the position of editor in Correio da Manhã, the Portuguese daily newspaper with the biggest audience, until last November. Hugo Real started in journalism in 2005 in the newspaper Público, and later he joined editorial roles in the publications Meios & Publicidade and Diário Económico, before entering Correio da Manhã in 2010.

According to António Cunha Vaz, president of CV&A, "Hugo Real is a professional with a remarkable experience, with a thorough knowledge of the media. He will be, I am sure, an adequate response to the present needs and projects of CV&A".

Among the most diverse areas to which he dedicated himself as a journalist, Hugo Real acquired experience in media, telecommunications, technology, tourism, energy, sports and culture.

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