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A new governance structure and management team at Shan

Shan, an independent consulting firm specialising in strategic, financial and sensitive communications, announces changes to its governance structure and management team. The company's founder, Marie-Helene Sergent, has launched a managerial transition to entrust operational oversight of the agency to a team of complementary partners whom she will assist as they take on exciting new challenges.

Created in 1995 by Marie-Helene Sergent, Shan has become a leading agency for strategic communications in France. The firm has a well-established reputation in finance and real estate, with the more recent addition of strength in the agribusiness sector.

In the last three years, Shan has experienced significant growth (+10% annually on average). To support and encourage this growth, Marie-Helene Sergent has decided to entrust operational management of the agency to a team of five partners, who now constitute the firm's Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board, chaired by Marie-Helene Sergent, will support the new management and approve strategic decisions.

Laetitia Hottinguer will chair the board of directors going forward. Laetitia Hottinguer is in charge of the agency's overall activities and international offering, and is responsible, as co­ head, for the corporate communications department.

The responsibilities of Managing Partners are jointly entrusted to Francois-Xavier Dupont, who oversees administrative and financial affairs, and Amaury Bessard, in charge of strategy and development. Amaury Bessard also heads the agency's financial & sensitive communications departments and serves clients in agriculture and agribusiness.

Anne Vernois and Richard Saint-Etienne will sit on the board of directors as Deputy Managing Partners. With Laetitia Hottinguer, Anne Vernois is co-head of the corporate communications department and advises business leaders. Richard Saint-Etienne is head of brand strategy, digital communications and brand content.

"In order to support the strong growth Shan has experienced in the last few years, and to best address new market expectations, we have decided to implement a change in the agency's governance that will ensure the sustainable existence and independence of the company we and our clients have come to care for. This new phase will allow Shan to remain a leading provider of strategic communications consulting for companies and their management," affirms Marie-Helene Sergent.

About Shan

Created in 1995, Shan is one of France's leading independent strategic communications consultancies. Shan's team of close to 40 employees supports French or International companies and their management with four distinct areas of expertise: 7. Shan Engage (branding and digital, media and corporate communications), Shan Protect (reputation management and crisis communications), Shan Value (financial communications), and 4. Shan Inspire (assisting business leaders). With the support ofour correspondents andpartner agencies in the world's main financial centres, Shan advises companies on implementing communications programmes internationally.

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