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Rod Kommunikation joins Farner

Rod Kommunikation is to become part of the Farner Group. The team based in Bürglistrasse is pleased that by joining Farner, it will be able to offer its clients the full range of communication services. Farner is acquiring Rod’s shares; Regula Bührer Fecker, David Schärer and Pablo Koerfer are to become partners at Farner.

For its part, Farner’s acquisition of Rod Kommunikation allows it to expand its offer with another high-profile creative team – a team that brings a different touch to what is the most complete range of communication services in Switzerland. For Rod Kommunikation, becoming part of the Farner Group represents a large strategic step that began last year when it adapted its offer by dividing it into individual communication disciplines. Rod had adapted its agency model in such a way that clients can not only make use of the company’s services as a whole, but also choose from individual disciplines such as Campaigns, Strategy, Publicity, Public Affairs and Content.

The merger with Farner affords Rod the opportunity to complete complex communication tasks and expand its range of communication solutions with the assistance of highly experienced specialists in the fields of Public Affairs, Digital Marketing, Branding, Change, and Corporate and Brand Communication – all of them experts with highly specialised knowledge of various sectors and technologies, and with roots in every area of Switzerland.

In turn, Rod provides Farner with access to a second effective, high-profile creative team that has developed many popular campaigns over the past 12 years. This means that Farner clients will now have even more communication services at their disposal and can avail themselves of tailored offers and teams for every kind of task and tone.

Rod and Farner are both among Switzerland’s leading agencies. Both agencies will continue to independently maintain and develop their profile and unique touch at their respective sites. “With Rod, we are expanding our offer and doubling our creative power. However, the key thing is that we can and want to work together,” states Farner CEO and majority shareholder Roman Geiser.

Farner is becoming the sole shareholder of Rod Kommunikation; Regula Bührer Fecker, David Schärer and Pablo Koerfer are becoming partners at Farner and will continue to direct Rod at the agency’s Bürglistrasse office together with their managerial team comprising Marco Meroni, Mateo Sacchetti and Tiffany Lüthi, who has only recently been appointed to the Executive Board. Rod’s CEO Pablo Koerfer: “We are hugely pleased about the merger. The things that unite our two agencies are our entrepreneurial spirit, our DNA as owner-operated organisations, and the same notions of how to create effective communication.”

Further information

David Schärer, Rod Kommunikation,, +41 43 355 40 00

Dino Demarchi, Manager Agency Communications, Farner,, +41 44 266 67 67

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