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  • Carol Park

Working to support clients and each other in Covid-19

As the world goes through a total communal experience of social distancing and living life under the influence of the virus, Covid-19, we find ourselves not only in uncharted waters, but also connected across the globe in so many ways we did not fully realize.

Many of our agency members have been on the front foot with clients to provide advice on communicating under the new normal – WFH, social distancing, and responses from financial clients to their own clients on how markets are moving, and what policies governments are adopting and what they mean for our future.

Not a single market has been left unscathed and no member agency has been spared from the challenging communication landscape ravaged by Covid-19. Yet, we all find ourselves thinking in similar ways and moving busily in similar yet diverse patterns – keeping clients informed and well advised, supporting and reassuring our staff, and staying in touch within our network.

From launching a creative by Adfactors to raise awareness of the 21-day lock down in India, to daily newsletters in CV&A in Portugal, here are some examples of the fantastic work shared by our members:

  • With practical tips for online conferences and meetings, Farner in Switzerland has over 12 different units with specific expertise (Finance, Healthcare, Public Affairs, Digital, Creative, Data etc.). All Farner teams have daily virtual team meetings via Skype or Zoom. In addition, virtual social events are held several times a week: an after-hours drink in front of the screens, virtual birthday party and other team-building activities,

  • Weekly updates on how Honner can add value for clients in Australia and offering a global asset manager communications update series,

  • Launching new business solutions by Klareco to connect clients with communication objectives and results in Singapore,

  • Remotely recording podcasts and producing web-conference/live-streaming contents for clients at Lansons in London, as well as weekly updates for the political and financial sectors,

  • Constantly updating and communicating closely with clients via Zoom by our colleagues at Lansons Intermarket in New York,

  • And Twister has been one of the most active amidst the Covid-19 situation in Italy, providing such as weekly calls to all active clients, preparation of information statements for clients should their employees be tested positive for Covid-19, launching a fake news observatory in partnership with a scientific institution to raise awareness of the dangers of fake news about Covid-19 on people’s lives, launching an appeal to the Italian asset management sector to stay together and develop and common initiative for helping the population during this difficult period.

And as we cancelled our in-person annual meeting, we met each other virtually – practicing physical social distancing but psychological closeness.

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